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A peculiar and straightforward "Ice Trick" helped me lose weight from 213 to 147 lbs at 61 years old. I regret not learning about it earlier. 🙏

By Rebecca Johnson - January 2023

My weight has fluctuated greatly since my first pregnancy in 2005, when I weighed 139 lbs, but by the end of my pregnancy, I weighed 192 lbs. 

Despite managing to get back down to 147 lbs a couple of months after giving birth, my weight climbed to 201 lbs within just three months. 

Between 2008 and 2012, my weight remained unsteady, fluctuating between 175 and 190 lbs. 

Before my wedding, I strived to lose weight and went to great lengths, including working out for hours every morning, counting calories, and limiting my intake to water. 

As a result, I managed to reach 165 lbs, but as soon as I stopped working out, my weight started to increase again.
I struggled to maintain my weight goal of 143 lbs despite consistent exercise and healthy eating habits. 

Then, after becoming pregnant for a second time, my weight reached a high of 216 lbs. 

Despite losing weight post-pregnancy, I still faced fluctuations and felt discouraged.

One day, while shopping, I ran into an old friend, Samantha, who had transformed and lost a significant amount of weight. 

I immediately asked her how she did it and she introduced me to a "weird ice hack" discovered by Stanford scientists that she saw on social media.

As a skeptic, I was skeptical but couldn't resist trying it out after seeing the drastic change in Samantha. 

To my surprise, it turned out to be a simple and effective solution.

New Me - Rebecca Johnson 


I began at 201 pounds, but now I'm at 143! 

I still can't believe it and the best part is I did it without any exercise. 

Just by eating my favorite foods! It's a miracle. 

And even though exercise is crucial, I'm in awe that I was able to reach 143 without doing anything more than a casual stroll. 

However, I plan to include physical activity into my routine soon to tone up. 

I'll be sharing this amazing experience with everyone for the rest of my life."
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